About Us

Is a full-service environmental consulting company that provides our clients with cost-effective, user friendly, comprehensible, service oriented programs.

Our cost effective solutions are a set rate or “not to exceed” agreements that includes monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and 3 year inspections for the same low price.

We bring user friendly and simple start-up processes with individually custom designed programs. We try to suit the needs and goals of the customer, while complying witht he industries regulation standards.

We provide a comprehensive plan to help our clients understand and use the information to move forward with the assurance that they comply with regulations, while limiting liability and increasing personnel safety.

Our service-oriented promise to you is that we will conduct surveys, implement planning, provide training, and manage an electronic database of records.

We also provide new ideas and innovations in security consulting, products, installation and services. Offering the lowest competitive prices for security and surveillance equipment, access control, custom home audio/video, theater rooms and intercom systems, for school, hotels, business, government and agencies, and private home owners with, Advanced Security Products.