Clock Systems


                           Wireless Clock System


   Advanced Health Safety and Security provides the best wireless clock system for your needs. We understand that time management is an essential part of operating a school or business.  A  high quality wireless clock system provides an effective management tool.

Our system synchronizes all the clocks in your school or business.  More and more facilities have turned towards wireless clock systems because of the many benefits they provide, such as convenience and cost reduction.


This web based system allows you to program bell schedules and time changes from your computer.

Cost Reduction

Eliminating wiring throughout an entire facility  can save you thousands of dollars on installation and also allows for retrofitting of an existing installation.

Innovative wireless technology utilizes a low power design, which give the clocks longer battery life.


Advantages of our clock systems


clock repeater   Since each clock has a repeater built right into
each unit, there is no need for high power transmitters and repeaters. Each clock receives the wireless signal and sends out the time to its neighboring clock. Because of the way this technology is utilized, the more clocks in an area increases the quality of the signal.



   The Network Repeater is the perfect solutionwireless repeater for wireless systems in a campus or multiple building environments. The Network Repeater receives its time from the main transmitter through your network connection and transmits the signal out to the clocks system. This feature allows you to broadcast the signal to clocks in multiple building.



 How the System Works

The system starts with the SMA Series Wireless Master Clock which can receive time from any SNTP/NTP server or even a GPS satellite. The master clock then sends out a wireless signal to the analog and/or digital wireless clocks using Sapling’s frequency-hopping technology. Once the slave clocks receive the signal, it is then retransmitted to any of the clocks in the surrounding areas.

maseter clock

master pc