Demolition / Burning


The intent of Minn. R. 7035.0805 is to ensure that items present in structures such as hazardous materials or other items that are prohibited from being deposited in a landfill, are removed prior to the commencement of renovation or demolition, and that those materials are disposed of or recycled properly.

The Pre-Renovation and Demolition Rule applies to all structures and persons engaged in the renovation, moving and demolition of structure, or portion of a structure. This includes residential homes, recreational, government, agricultural, commercial, industrial and other structures of a relatively permanent nature.

The Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) Asbestos Rules apply to all demolition projects where friable asbestos-containing material (ACM) is present in amounts greater than

  • 260 linear feet, 160 square feet or 35 cubic feet in non-residential buildings; or
  • 10 linear feet, 6 square feet or 1 cubic foot in a single- or multi-family residence