AWAIR – A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program




OSHA 300 Accidental Injury and Illness Reporting


The Minnesota legislature passed Minnesota Statute 182.653, “A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction” (AWAIR) Act in 1990. The act states that industries with certain Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SICC) must prepare and maintain a written safety program.  The regulation includes public school districts within Minnesota. The AWAIR Plan encompasses all aspects of this district’s safety and health programs and puts in written form the procedures and polices involved.

Advanced Health Safety and Security considers no goal more important than providing your business a program that enables a safe and healthy environment for works, staff, students and visitors. Health and Safety should be an integral part of all operations including instructions, extracurricular activities, community events, student transportation, and building maintenance. slip-and-fall1Accidents are not acceptable at work or school.  We will work to adhere to proper operating procedures and safety rules to maintain safe working condition, and comply with federal, state, and local standards regarding safety and health within your work or school.  Advanced Health, Safety and Security encourages each level of administration to reflect an interest in safety and health, and set a good example by always observing the rules during normal work routine. We urge all employees to make our safety and health program an integral part of their daily operations.

The COMPLETE ELIMINATION of workplace accident and injuries is our ultimate goal.

Federal and State law requires posting of labor laws.

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