Bleacher Safety



Recently, lawmakers from Minnesota asked the Consumer Products Safety Commission to issue guidelines to establish bleacher safety standards.  These guidelines would set the standards that companies would have to meet regarding the production, erection, and retrofitting of bleacher facilities, as well as inspection checklists to be sure that the bleachers are structurally sound.  Effective January 1, 2002, all bleachers will have to conform to the Uniform Building Code proposed in 2000.

Bleacher safety

In accordance with Minnesota Statutes 326B.112, Bleacher Safety, this certification is required to be completed for each applicable bleacher structure and submitted to the commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry.

Note: This certificate is not required for bleachers 55 inches above grade and lower without guardrails. Certification compliance stickers are no longer required on bleachers and will no longer be distributed.

Minnesota Bleacher Safety Act

Read the statute: 326B.112 BLEACHER SAFETY.


  1. Reduce/Eliminate accidents on school bleacher facilities.
  2. Increase/Maintain the protection of the individuals using the facility.
  3. Provide checklists and training for staff to perform regular bleacher safety inspections.
  4. Maintain appropriate documentation of training, inspections, and accidents that may occur regarding the use of the bleacher facility.