Community Right-to-Know



We believe that informing the public of reportable quantities of hazardous chemicals is important. Your Written Community Right-to-Know Plan (CRTK) will contain a set of guidelines for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Guidelines within the plan can be applied to identify, track, and manage hazardous chemicals on all properties proactively. Your designated Community Right-to-Know Contact Person will use the information contained in the Program Activities Manual to prevent and reduce environmental problems related to reportable quantities of hazardous chemicals.

We urge all employees to make your Health and Safety program an integral part of their daily operations.

Program Elements Provided will Include:

  • Develop and implement a Written Management Plan for CRTK
  • Identify Contact Person(s) for CRTK
  • Review Written Plan annually and update as needed
  • Survey facility for hazardous materials in reportable quantities
  • Develop and maintain hazardous materials collection and storage procedures
  • Review invoices of CRTK-reportable materials for quantity verification
  • Initiate in-house reporting procedures(s)
  • Prepare notification correspondence/reports to State Emergency Response Commission and local emergency planning committee (frequently the district’s local fire department)
  • Provide annual training for designated employees
  • Develop and implement CRTK record keeping procedures