Radon Mitigation Units

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Radon Mitigation

Advanced Health, Safety and Security can provide a custom radon mitigation system for you. Most mitigation units function the same and serve the same purpose to decompress your foundation. The average cost of installing a mitigation system is between $800.00 and $1500.00. They can cost up to $2500.00 depending on the square footage and type of foundation. Not all mitigation system designs are the same and most have to be custom designed to properly remove radon from in and around your home’s foundation.

Removal of radon from the soil around your foundation can be achieved by installing the properly designed mitigation equipment.  Different designs can be seen in the schematic below showing different routes of ventilation that will achieve Active Soil Depressurization (ASD).

ASD is essential in removing the radon or any other gas from under and around your home without creating a negative air pressure inside the home. Negative air pressure inside the home can potentially draw other gases back into the home.  Some of these gases include methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxidesulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides or sewer gas. Properly installed mitigation systems will removal and prevent any of these hazards from entering the home.

Design and installation considerations are done on site and estimated cost of mitigation systems are usually available the same day.

There are two ways to achieve Active Soil Depressurization.  One is to install an inline fan system routed into a hole cut through the foundation and sealed, and the other is through utilizing the existing sump pump tank and/or drain tile around the home’s foundation.

Sump pump tank and/or drain tile around the home’s foundation.

Hole cut through the foundation.

The inline pumps used must be large enough or rated with a high enough cubic foot of air per minute (CFM) flow to depressurize the foundation. There are may types and brands on the market.  We utilize several brands depending on the design and air flow needed.


Another type of mitigation system fan is the Radon Mitigation Side Wall Vent System which benefits include no obtrusive vent pipe run on the outside of the building and a corrosion proof radon gas air diffuse vent hood.



After Advanced Health, Safety and Security installs a mitigation system the digital radon meter stays with the system as a constant monitor to insure the radon mitigation unit is achieving proper Active Soil Depressurization.