Welding, Cutting and Brazing



This plan is designed to help comply with the requirements of the Minnesota Department of Education with regards to protecting the health and safety of students and employees who weld, cut, and braze in their curriculum or work activity.  Based on OSHA Standards 1910.251-1910.255, this plan has been developed to provide for a safe healthy place for students and staff to learn and work.  It is important to note that this plan is written in conjunction with the Compressed Gas Cylinder Plan and is considered to be supportive of that plan.  Topic items related to oxygen-fuel gas welding and cutting will be included in this plan by reference.

Given the complexity of the process involved in this plan, 1910.251 is the reference point for resolution of all safety related issues.

As written, this plan is intended to guide the School District in its efforts to provide safe equipment, work practices and safety procedures, but will need to be reviewed and modified on a regular basis.  The School District is responsible for the enforcement and updating of the plan.  Actual use of this plan is limited to Resource Training and Solutions and to the school districts which it represents.